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Our tried & tested range of Autoshaker Controllers are robust & reliable, these no frills motor starter/timers are configured to give maximum service for minimum outlay. Intended primarily for Dust Extraction and Air Flow applications. The units are designed to run a Fan and Shaker motor combination as part of a waste management or industrial control system. Compatible with any normally configured control system and requires a 415V 50Hz 3Phase supply. It is formulated to operate seamlessly, requiring no resetting or recalibration as a result of disconnection/power failure/ overload trip. Just press START and you’re back in business. Attractively packaged and weatherproof to IP66 specifications, these unit can be relied on to perform in a variety of environments and conditions.

Dust Filter Controls offer replacement Autoshaker timers and complete starters for older DCE filters such as:

UMA 40 / UMA 70 / UMA 100 / UMA 150 / UMA 250 / UMA 450 / UMA 750



KX308 / 9

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